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Yoga as therapy

Have you ever realized that do-in and yin-yoga are not just exercise.....they are actually therapy. Self-therapy. Where you are not passively undergoing therapy, but where you actively take part in bringing about change and healing in your body and mind without being dependent on your therapist. What a wonderful realization! If you feel you are in need of a change why not try a group session or even a private session to experience this yourself? Call me!

Do-In (meridian yoga)

Do-In as a form of exercise is inextricably connected to Shiatsu. In the traditional Shiatsu schools Do-In is also taught without exception. Mostly preceding the Shiatsu lessons the students enjoy an hour of Do-In together, to warm up, to sharpen the mind and to elevate the general level of energy. It primarily teaches you to feel your own Ki and to keep it balanced. It also sensitizes you to the energy flows of other people.

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And during summer we will try to experience our Do-In classes on the beach as much as possible.

Reiki....the gentle power of universal life force energy

The time has long past that Reiki was seen as something woolly and intangeable.

Many have already participated in workshops in this method and the participants are becoming more diverse and enthusiastic: lawyers, sales-managers, fire chiefs, you name it.
Reiki is mostly meant to further your own spiritual growth and for self treatment. Obviously there is nothing wrong with offering a service to others. A little help, support and attention are always gratefully received, whether this is for yourself or offered to another.

But you have doubts whether you have the aptitude for Reiki? Let them go right now! Reiki is suitable for everyone and everyone is suited for Reiki.

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Pearls of Wisdom

Ultimately your choice will be for your essence, because this is your ground of being, this is your basic natural state, this is what comes naturally, all the rest is a struggle.
Barbara Brennan